After twelve years of experience at various renowned landscape architecture firms in the Netherlands, I started out as a independant landscape architect in 2011. Working at OKRA, Veenenbos & Bosch and Rijnboutt has given me considerable experience in garden, landscape and urban public space design. Among other things, I have worked on the redevelopment plans for the Egmond aan Zee boulevard, on the outdoor spaces of a neighbourhood in Gouda and on landscaping Apeldoorn’s rehabilitation facility for the blind and partially sighted.

Previous projects of my company include a design for the Keizer Karel Square in Nijmegen, which was awarded 1st prize; a demo garden design that was realised in Appeltern; and shortlisted designs for furnishing the Vondelpark in Amsterdam and for expanding the village of Allerød in Denmark. In 2012 I received a grant from Creative Industries Fund NL for a joint research project into the future of the IJssel lake area.

My mission is to reinforce the expressive power of landscapes and urban public spaces. I strive to create clear concepts rooted firmly in the landscape’s idiosyncracies and history. My designs lend weight to the character of a site while offering ample practical space. They are sustainable and capable of developing and adapting as time goes by.

Martijn Al landscape architect

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